Drum trigger sequencer designed to create shuffled offgrid beats#

Stolperbeats is a drum trigger sequencer designed to create shuffled beats influenced by the gritty push-and pull grooves from the golden age of Hiphop.

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Tausend dB#

Quad Boost Saturation with Mute Switches#

Tausend dB is a four channel amplifier module for Eurorack in 6HP, allowing you to boost Audio and CV.

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Quad Precision Mix Multiple#

Multiplikand is a compact routing utility module for Eurorack in 6HP. It takes Audio and CV, with optional DC filtering.

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Cables 5x30cm#

Braided 3.5mm patch cables#

A set of five high-quality braided 30 cm Eurorack patch cables, black to complement the wild colour scheme of your synth.


Cables 5x60cm#

Braided 3.5mm patch cables#

A pack of five high-quality braided 60 cm Eurorack patch cables, excellent for patching modules within the same rack.


MIDI Adapter#

DIN to TRS 3.5mm, Type A#

This adapter allows you to use a standard five pin DIN MIDI cable with instruments that come with a MIDI TRS (Type A) port.